Nanny Training in DubaiDid You Know?

The majority of nannies in the UAE have never received any proper training to perform their role as a caregiver, and most have no first aid experience whatsoever (this is rather scary!).

Finding the Right Nanny

As many parents in the UAE may have experienced it’s not easy to find a good nanny and virtually impossible to find somebody who puts your mind fully at ease when you’re not at home.

The biggest challenge is finding somebody that is trustworthy, confident and knowledgeable about caring for babies and/or children, but where do you start?

Using the Internet to find a nanny is risky business and even agencies get it wrong because ultimately it’s a personality match that only you as the parent can assess. There are so many concerns: “How do you know if the nanny’s experience and references are valid?” “They don’t have much childcare experience but they seem really nice, should we take the risk?” “My friends tell me awful stories about their experiences, now I can’t trust my nanny” and so on.

Keeping Your Nanny 

No parent wants to go through the hassle of hiring a new nanny when it doesn’t work out with their existing caregiver. It creates instability and often upsets the children who grow an attachment towards them. Not to mention the cost and time involved in the hiring process. There is never any guarantee how long a nanny will stay with your family but ideally you want to find somebody suitable for the long-term.

Sometimes losing a nanny cannot be avoided but you as a family can provide a role that encourages them to stay longer. If your nanny is treated fairly, given sufficient rest and a good compensation, they are much more likely to enjoy their job and work harder towards it. Also, by providing them the tools to perform their job to the best of their ability will make a huge impact on your child’s development, happiness and wellbeing.

Why Train Your Nanny 

More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, if you don’t feel 100% confident that your nanny knows what to do when you’re not around, you need to think about nanny training. It only takes a second for a baby or child to get hurt if they are not being supervised correctly or if they are playing in an unsafe area.

Raising children is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in the world. They need 24hour supervision, inspiring role models and endless amounts of attention and affection. So, when you hire a nanny you need to make sure that they have what it takes to help you raise your children the way you want. No nanny (very rarely!) becomes Mary Poppins overnight. It takes time to adjust and a professional nanny training course to ensure total ‘peace of mind’ parenting.

Although there are nannies (and families) that get it wrong and make mistakes, there are more nannies with good hearts and a willingness to learn than you may think. Once you’ve found somebody responsible and caring, you’ve got the basis for a brilliant nanny.

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