Nanny Placement Services dubaiThe Role of a Nanny in the UAE

A nanny is responsible for the complete care of their employer’s children. Caregiver duties may include:

  • Attending to each child’s basic physical needs
  • Planning and preparing food for the children
  • Supervising children and maintaining high standards of hygiene
  • Providing discipline when appropriate and instructed by the parents
  • Accompanying children to play activities and outings
  • Providing companionship and quality interaction
  • Travelling with the family when required

Nannies must also be able to communicate effectively with both the children and their parents. Depending on the family’s preference, the nanny may be treated as an employee, as a friend or as a member of the family.

Definition of a Nanny 

A nanny is a caregiver whose workplace is a family’s private home. A nanny is employed by a family to provide personalised childcare and supervision to the family’s children. A nanny is usually employed full-time and may or may not live-in with the family.

Unlike a maid, the nanny’s primary role is to provide support to the family by serving as a caring, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children. There may be other household chores to go alongside but the main responsibility will be to attend to the needs of the children and this duty will be performed before anything else. The health and personal hygiene of the nanny should also be up to a high standard. Ideally, a nanny will have some previous childcare experience, have decided to work as a nanny by choice and have a profound love and respect for children.