Terms of use

Section 1 – Placement Service for a Full-Time Childcare or Education Professional

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the client (hirer or employer) and the placement specialist (CloudNine Kids)
  2. The placement specialist supports the client by sourcing and referring qualified candidates (childcare or education professional). This is done by way of presenting candidate CVs to the client
  3. The placement specialist will personally interview and screen candidates for at least one previous employer reference
  4. The client shall select a shortlist of candidates from the CVs submitted to proceed to the interview stage
  5. The placement specialist provides a 3-month guarantee upon start date of the candidate should the client or candidate wish to terminate their contract early. The placement specialist will source a replacement one time with no additional cost

Section 2 – Schedule of Rates

  1. The client shall pay a registration fee of AED 1,000 + 5% VAT which is non-refundable, prior to the CVs being submitted to the client for shortlisting
  2. The registration fee covers a 1-month placement service or up to 10 candidate CVs submitted to the client (whichever exceeds first)
  3. Upon selecting a candidate, the placement fee outlined in part 6 below shall become payable
  4. The client is responsible for the sponsorship of the candidate
  5. The client is responsible for all sponsorship costs including but not limited to; deposits, medical checks, health insurances and any other statuary costs relating to the cost of sponsorship of the candidate
  6. The placement fee of 15% of the candidates annual salary + 5% VAT becomes payable immediately upon selection of suitable candidate by the client
  7. The fee includes the cost of the CloudNine Kids childcare training and paediatric first aid course if applicable and details for which are attached in the proposal

Section 3 – Candidate Rights & Client Obligations

The placement specialist reserves the right to refuse providing services to any client who cannot demonstrate their ability to provide the candidate with employment conditions as per the below:

  1. Full-time employment
  2. Minimum of a weekly day off of 24 hours
  3. Maximum of 12 working hours per day
  4. 12 hours of rest per day including 8 hours consecutive rest
  5. Any overtime worked will be paid additional on an hourly basis
  6. Visa Sponsorship
  7. Monthly paid salary
  8. 30 days paid annual leave
  9. 30 days of annual sick leave (first 15 days paid and next 15 days unpaid)
  10. Healthcare insurance
  11. Return flights to country of origin after 2 years (or 1 year) 12
  12. Employment contract (provided by the placement specialist)
  13. Possession of own passport and documents
  14. Private living space with bathroom (if live-in)

Section 4 – Confidentiality

  1. The Client may not under any circumstance copy, forward, or share any information personal in nature or otherwise or CV of any candidate presented by the placement specialist with any third party without the written permission of the placement specialist

Section 5 – Disclaimers

The placement specialist makes no assertion as to the fitness of the candidates and it is the sole responsibility of the client to select, interview and offer placement to the candidate.

The placement specialist shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage, costs, expenses or delay howsoever caused directly or indirectly from the placement of any candidate in particular without limitation from or in any way connected with:-

  1. Failure of a candidate to meet client requirements
  2. Any act or omission of a candidate whether willful, negligent, fraudulent, dishonest, reckless or otherwise