Short Courses

These courses are designed to provide an introduction or brief learning. Ideal as a 'top up' on pre-existing knowledge or previous training


Home Safety & Accident Prevention

Course Outline: With most child-related accidents happening in the home, this course provides nannies and parents the ability to ‘baby/child proof’ their own home. The trainer will take you through all the dangers and potential hazards that may or may not be obvious and how to prevent incidents before they even occur.

For Nannies & Parents 

Age Group: 0-6 years | Duration: 3 hours

COST: 350AED | *Home-based (one to one): 600AED 


Behaviour Management

Course Outline: A practical guide and informative session about how to handle a range of challenging behaviours using positive discipline, reinforcement and care. This course covers the importance of structure, routine and how diet and a child’s basic needs has a direct impact on the behaviour and mood of a child.

For Nannies & Parents 

Age Groups: 1.5-3 years & 3-6 years | Duration: 3 hours



Maintaining Good Health & Hygiene

Course Outline: This course provides caregivers and parents an understanding about common childhood illnesses and sickness, the symptons to look out for and what to do if a child is unwell. Learn how to introduce and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and how to protect your child’s health through best hygiene practices in the home.

For Nannies & Parents 

Age Groups: 0-18 mths, 1.5-6 years | Duration: 3 hours


Interaction & Development Skills for Children

Course Outline: Environments that are stimulating for babies and children are essential for growth and skill development and one important aspect of this is the caregiver. In this engaging session, there is focus on the importance of adult-child interaction, creative play, building social circles and use of communication to help raise happy and confident children.

For Nannies

Age Groups: 6-18 mths, 1.5-3 years & 3-6 years | Duration: 3 hours



Getting Ready for the Newborn

Course Outline: An introduction to newborn care (1-3 months) for nannies and caregivers highlighting the key areas of competence and knowledge required when assisting or taking sole charge of a newborn baby.

Please note: This course is designed to train the caregiver that will be assisting the mother and does not include first aid training. We provide a full course for more in-depth, thorough training on the Newborn age group – contact us for more information.

For Nannies

Age Group: 1-3 mths | Duration: 3 hours

COST: 450AED | *Home-based (one to one): 700AED


Back2Basics Emergency Paediatric Response & First Aid for Infants and Children

Course Outline: A 6 hour Paediatric First Aid course developed specifically for Maids and Nannies. 3 hours for Emergency Paediatric Response (EPR) and 3 hours for First Aid and Home Safety for Infants and Children (FAIC). For those who work with or around young children on a regular basis, this course is absolutely essential.

Emergency Paediatric Response (EPR)

  • Cultural and Behavioral factors
  • Making positive Changes
  • Preparing for a real emergency
  • Assessing the infants and children
  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Recovery Position
  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Recap

First Aid for Infants and Children

  • Scalds and Burns
  • Bites & Stings
  • Poisoning
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Shock
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Febrile Seizure
  • Fractures
  • Electric Shock
  • Eye & Head Injury

We can run the course in Arabic, English, Tagalog, and Singalese language.

For Nannies

Age Groups: All ages | Duration: 6 hours