CloudNine Kids is the first and only fully comprehensive nanny training program in the UAE. Our courses cover all aspects of nannying and incorporate theory and practical learning with assessment in the home


Toddlers (1.5-3 Years)

The most suitable course for nannies who care for ‘troublesome’ toddlers and require additional support with behavior and routine management

It may start, but it certainly doesn’t end here! As young children are forming their own personalities, testing boundaries and are becoming more mobile, this is by far one of the most challenging ages to care for. Your nanny will learn suitable disciplinary techniques, how to handle tantrums and understand why these behaviours take place. She will also be trained on child supervision, home and outdoor safety, fun and stimulating activities, nutritious and healthy meals, childhood health and illnesses, First Aid and much more!

Your nanny will complete our course with:

  • Back2Basics First Aid & Home Safety Training
  • CloudNine Kids Nanny Training Certificate
  • In depth knowledge and understanding about caring for young children as a profession
  • BestCare Home Kit – course handbook, first aid handbook, recipe book, learning materials, charts and templates to use at home

Two-Day Class and Home-Based Learning

Each CloudNine Kids nanny training program consists of a 2 day class and/or home-based learning covering the following topics:


Awareness, prevention and precaution in and out of the home

Back2Basics Training

First aid and home safety training, specialised for babies and young children


How to maintain best standards at all times, child-safe products and personal hygiene


Guidelines for age-appropriate nutrition, feeding and promoting healthy eating


Management techniques for improved behaviour and manners

Stimulated Play

Fun, educational, creative and age appropriate activities and learning

Child Development

Understanding the physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of children by age and helping them to reach these milestones

Employer Relations

How to build a trustworthy and professional relationship with the family and the importance of communication skills

Nanny Training With A Difference

The aim of our program is to create structure, better safety and quality interaction between caregiver and child. Unlike other training programs, our course is built to maintain long lasting results by identifying KPIs and including milestones with recommended incentives to ensure your nanny continues their practice to the best of their ability.