7 Simple Steps To A Successful Nanny CV

Successful Nanny CVFinding a great family to work for can be challenging, especially when you have a lot of competition. Many nannies are struggling to find an employer who will sponsor them because they don’t have a CV or their CV isn’t catching the attention of the prospective employer. So, what exactly is a CV?

CV or Curriculum Vitae – this is a brief account of a person’s information including your personal data, contact information, personal statement, recent photo, educational background, qualifications, and previous occupations if you’ve been employed before.

As a Nanny, you also need a CV. Many employers won’t even consider meeting for an interview without reading your CV first. They will think you’re not serious about finding a new job. Before they conduct an interview, they will first review your information and employment history to assess if you’re suitable for their role or not. They want to make sure they won’t waste their time (or yours) meeting a candidate that doesn’t match their criteria. This is why it’s so important to create a CV that stands out. You are more likely to secure an interview which might lead to your next employment. No interview – No job!

So, here are our TOP TIPS on how to create the best NANNY CV:

1.  Do You Have References? – This is one of the first questions an employer might ask you. It’s very important for a parent to check if the person they are interviewing to take care of their baby or child is trustworthy, honest and reliable. Unfortunately, they won’t just take your word for it, they want to be 100% certain. A reference is not your friend or family member, it’s your previous nanny employer – their name and phone number can be mentioned on your CV or you can provide upon request

2.  Keep it Brief – Your CV should not be more than two A4 pages long, should be typed up on a computer and written in English. Employers will spend around 10-30 seconds reviewing your CV, so write only the most important information. Always put your personal data, contact info and photo at the top, followed by your most recent work experience.

3.  Don’t Lie – Fake information on your CV? Don’t even think about it! Never write anything that’s not true about yourself, it could land you in big trouble when the new employer speaks to your previous sponsor or checks your passport copy. Be sure that all your information is accurate and honest.

4.  Nanny Experience – Always put your previous work experience on your CV. This should include all your nanny, childcare and teaching experience. Mention the country you worked, the nationality of your previous employer, the year you started and finished working with them, the age of the baby/kids you took care of and also write the reason you left your previous employers. Also, a brief description of your responsibilities in each family.

5.  Personal Data – Don’t forget to include this on your CV. Most importantly, your name, age, marital status, address and phone number. Also, put your current visa status and expiry so that the employer is aware of this.

6.  Recent Photo – Include your most recent formal photo showing your face to shoulders only (not a side view and not your whole body). Make sure you are wearing minimal make-up and jewellery, no hat or sunglasses and your shoulders are covered. Use a plain light background without clutter behind and put the light on. Don’t forget to smile and look friendly, you are applying to work with children!

7.  Make it Readable – Is your CV easy to read? When you send the CV copy via message or email did you take a photo of it or is it the original file? If it’s a photo, please make sure it’s not dark, shadowed, creased, out of frame or blurry. Take a clear, neat and straight photo with good light.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make or update your current CV. Once you’ve got an interview set up, give it your best shot! Be on time, be confident, knowledgeable, be presentable and wear an appropriate outfit (no ripped jeans, shorts or low cut tops). Remember, first impressions count!  

Good luck ladies

By Erika Baroro – Nanny Placement Co-ordinator

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