Here are the commonly asked questions by our parents and nannies. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

  • How do my children benefit by having their nanny trained by CloudNine Kids?

    Our nanny training is designed around the developmental needs of babies and children from newborn to 6 years, which is why we categorise our programs by age group. Your nanny will learn new skills enabling better quality interaction, care and safety for your baby/children. She will be introduced to all aspects of caring for children at home and will take away additional knowledge, ideas and feedback about her role, thus creating a successful nanny and happy kids!

  • Will training my nanny improve her skills?

    Yes, providing your nanny is keen to learn and already has a background in childcare, then she will learn a lot. The theory from the course must be put into practice, which is why we recommend a follow-up Home Assessment, so our trainer can monitor and assess your nanny’s progress!

  • Are 2 days of training enough?

    The 2-day program is an introduction to caring for children at home including a 6-hour intensive first aid and home safety course which is crucial to ensure your child’s safety is in the best hands. It gives the necessary information to perform the role as a nanny to a high standard but it doesn’t cover everything. Your nanny may still need additional training in specific areas, such as, maternity care, sleep training or cooking. We can also help with this.

  • Is there any ongoing support for my nanny?

    We provide Home Assessments as and when you need them (additional costs apply). The trainer will arrange a visit to your home to meet you and your nanny together. There will then be a structured assessment and individual family plan established to ensure your nanny keeps on track with her learning and newly developed skills.

  • Why does my nanny need to take a phone interview?

    To ensure your nanny takes full advantage of our training program, we need to first make sure she already has a certain level of knowledge about babies/children and has proficient English language skills. Without these requirements, the learning may overwhelm your nanny, she will not understand and she may not be able to keep up with the pace.

  • Can I enrol my housemaid into a course?

    Yes you can. She must first take part in an English Language and Basic Knowledge test over the phone so we can assess whether she has the necessary requirements to benefit from the course.

  • Can parents enrol into a course?

    Yes they can. An English Language and Basic Knowledge test over the phone is also a requirement for parents to enrol and they can use the same application form as a nanny. You can contact us if you have any questions about enrolment.