Why Choose CloudNine Kids?

child_protection_-_summaryMeet Face-to-Face

As the majority of western-educated childcare placement agencies are based in the UK or overseas, unless you are travelling to those countries, it’s unlikely you will be able to meet the agent in person. This also means that often the candidates don’t get to meet the agent either. Skype calls and exchanged emails will be the only method of communication between all parties involved.

One of the main concerns that both parents and nannies have expressed about using agencies overseas is the lack of understanding, miscommunication and frustration with the different working hours. At CloudNine Kids, we conduct all of our meetings and interviews in person which is important when building relationships with families and profiling our candidates.

Competitive Rates

Overseas agencies are renowned for charging high placement fees with additional taxes and administrative costs on top. Our rates are considerately lower and we offer a one-month guarantee in case it doesn’t work out! Contact us for more information.

Just .. don’t chance it!

With internet and social media at our finger tips, it’s never been more easy to post adverts and source a nanny by yourself. Although going solo in your search will save you money, ensuring the safety and protection of your child cannot be guaranteed. Not to mention, the whole process can become rather time consuming and tedious.

With CloudNine Kids, our fees cover more than just the introduction to your next nanny. We advertise, meet and pre-screen our candidates, attain verbal reference checks from up to 2 previous employers, create a match based on skills and criteria, provide family support and employment contracts. Most importantly, we are the experts! Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to!