How much does a Nanny cost without an Agency?

Nanny cost without an Agency

Thinking about hiring a nanny for the first time or wondering if you’re compensating your nanny appropriately? Angelica Robinson, founder of CloudNine Kids, the professional nanny placement & training company in Dubai gives an insight into salaries, increments and visa costs to help you plan your budget more accurately:

So, how much should it actually cost to hire your OWN nanny without a third-party/agency?

If you’re fortunate to find an amazing nanny locally through a Facebook group, recommendation or friend’s departure, then your hiring costs will be kept to the ‘minimum’. This means the nanny is on a cancelled, visit or tourist visa so you don’t need to pay the costs to fly the nanny in from overseas.

Sponsorship Costs for a New Nanny

5,000-6,000AED including registration, residence visa, medical tests and Emirates ID. If there are any overstay fines, the total may be slightly higher.

A deposit may be required ranging from 3,000-10,000AED depending on the nationality.

Healthcare Insurance

This is mandatory for all employees in the UAE. The cost can range from 550-3,000AED per year depending on the type of cover, the salary of your nanny and their age. Make sure to shop around and find a suitable cover. It may not be worth getting the cheapest insurance as medical bills can be very expensive here.

Monthly Salary

Often a tricky one to determine. It mostly boils down to whether you can provide accommodation or not. Additional skills or qualifications, experience, age and number of children and working hours are also contributing factors to what your nanny should be earning. Here’s a guideline* based on the current ‘Nanny Market’ in Dubai:

For Live-In (full-time)

A salary can range from 2,000 – 3,000AED depending on nationality, experience and skill set. For a nanny with a UAE driver’s license or a qualification (e.g. Teaching or Midwifery) you can increase the salary to 3,500AED

For Live-Out (full-time)

A salary can range from 3,000 – 4,000AED depending on nationality, experience and skill set. For a nanny with a UAE driver’s license or a qualification (e.g. Teaching or Midwifery) you can increase the salary to 4,500AED

Please note– As you are not providing accommodation or transportation, your nanny will be paying the following costs themselves:

950AED – 1,200AED per month on average (750-950AED include bed space, DEWA, internet and gas. Bus fare is 3-7AED per trip/Metro is 3-5AED per trip (depending on the zone).

* This is a guideline based on the majority of roles posted in the Mary Poppins – Dubai Facebook group. However, there are nannies earning lower and higher, this is discretional to the employer and job seeker.

Other Costs to Consider: 

– Monthly food and toiletry allowance (300-500AED max)

– Mobile phone with a contract or credit (100-150AED max)

– 30 days annual leave (1 month’s salary)

– Return flights to their country (every 1-2 years) (2,000-4,000AED depending on airline and time of year)

– Holidays and outings (if invited to join with your family)

Average Budget for Year 1: 52,000AED 

When to Increase My Nanny’s Salary or Give a Bonus?

This is entirely up to you as the employer! This should not be expected nor demanded by any employee but should be implemented upon job performance. If you are happy with the overall work of your nanny and ideally after every year of employment, you can consider a salary increment of 5-15% of their current salary or a bonus at your discretion. The most important thing is to let your nanny know from the beginning about these incentives so she is motivated to work towards a goal.

Make sure you are able to commit to your promise. DO NOT offer an incentive for a goal that is achieved and then not follow through with it, this will completely de-motivate and disappoint your nanny. If she did not perform well over the year (and you haven’t already terminated her contract), you should explain to your nanny the reason why she will not be receiving the incentive, like a warning and this may trigger improved performance.

By Angelica Robinson – Professional Nanny Trainer

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