Genevieve Ramirez

Nutritionist & Sleep Trainer
Brief info

For the past 18 years Genevieve Ramirez has been working with children and their parents from all over the world.

Genevieve has trained as a midwife and lactation consultant, has a certificate in ante-natal, post-natal and pediatric nutrition, and is currently studying child psychology- specializing in infant mental health. She has worked as nanny and personal chef for some very high-profile families and has included her most popular recipes in our Recipe Book (provided in the BestCare home kit, sent home with every nanny that takes part in our program).

Her recipes focus on being practical, easy, and time efficient using ingredients that are easy to find, but highly nutritious and delicious! She knows the frustration that comes with cooking for fussy eaters, and shares some great tips and tricks to get even the most picky eaters to try new things.

Genevieve is the founder, and chief sleep trainer for