Meet The Team

CloudNine Kids are fully qualified international childcare professionals

Our team are carefully selected to provide specific nanny training courses & placement services based on their individual expertise and background

Angelica Robinson
Angelica Robinson
Angelica Robinson
Professional Nanny Trainer
Annie Browne
Annie Browne
Annie Browne
Pediatric First Aid Trainer
Genevieve Ramirez
Genevieve Ramirez
Genevieve Ramirez
Nutritionist & Sleep Trainer

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We believe that the key to building the most successful training program is to partner with the UAE and world's leading providers in childcare and safety services

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Here's what our parents and nannies have to say about CloudNine Kids

Angelica has offered phenomenal service. She is so professional yet friendly and approachable and is willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have in a flash! I recently joined a family in Abu Dhabi as their Nanny and I completely love it. Angelica thought the family and I would be a great match and she was 100% correct. Thank you so much for finding me my dream job! Many many thanks.


A CloudNine Kids Nanny

Angelica is a fantastic nanny trainer. She came to visit us for two days and taught our nanny everything about safety, nutrition, hygiene and simulation for our two children one of which is a baby and the other a toddler. What I love about Angelica is that she really listens to your concerns and incorporates these into the training. She knew how to speak and connect with our nanny so that she really learned a lot! Even after the course was finished my nanny was still sending her homework on WhatsApp. I can really recommend CloudNine Kids!


Mother of 6 month & 2.5 year old

I enrolled my nanny into the Toddlers training course as I have a 22 month old. I’d never had my nanny trained before but I liked the idea and thought it would give me more confidence to leave my daughter alone with her. It was great to hear all the things she learned about and she has already started using some of the new techniques she learned. Highly recommend and very professional!


Mother of 22 month old

Our trainer is knowledgeable about children and how to teach and discipline children in a proper way. She helped me a lot and after the course I feel much better to take care of children this age.


Nanny to 5 year old

I highly recommend the course to employers of nannies so they can have knowledge and understanding about children and they can help the child to be a better person.


Caregiver to 18 month old

The training knowledge is good and helped us so much to improve our work as a nanny and to understand more how to deal with the attitude and tantrums of the children. It’s so amazing to be a part of this training and helped me with additional knowledge about taking care of children. Thank you so much!


Nanny to 22 month old

Clear and easy to understand! She listens and is so approachable. I’m inspired to do much better! Thank you so much 🙂


Nanny to 1.5 year old